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The handy products and accessories we always keep in our cars

64% of Australians over 18 have been involved in at least one car incident. It’s important to equip your car with all the tools you need to make driving safer and prepare you for the instance of a breakdown.

We have complied a list of the top products to keep handy in your car to keep you safe, help you deal with breakdowns better, and increase your convenience while driving.

Phone Mount

Since most drivers use their phones to navigate, rather than a sat nav secured to the windscreen, you might benefit from having a phone mount placed on the dashboard of your car. The phone mount allows you to safely view the directions without having to look down or take your hand from the wheel to view the map. This is a must-have accessory for those using their phone to navigate, as it can be pretty dangerous (not to mention illegal) without it.

USB Charging Cables

A USB charging cable is another must-have product to keep in your car. It can be pretty frustrating if your phone runs out of battery while you’re on the go. You’ll need a way to charge your phone and take advantage of your car’s USB port. You can keep USB chargers for all your devices tucked away neatly into a tech accessories case to keep your car nice and tidy.

Blind Spot Mirror

The blind spot is the space to the rear side of your car where another vehicle may not be visible. Drivers are usually required to turn their heads and check their blind spots before changing lanes, but this device assists. A blind spot mirror is attached to your regular wing mirrors to provide extra visibility and make it easier for drivers to check their blind spots. This is definitely a handy product to install in your vehicle.

Hydraulic Jack

If you can easily change your own tyres, this gives you a way out of difficult situations. If you don’t have breakdown coverage, a flat or burst tyre can force you to pay exorbitant fees for vehicle recovery or roadside assistance. You could also be waiting in the rain for some time, too. A hydraulic jack allows you to easily change your tyres without waiting or paying roadside assistance fees.

Blankets/Emergency Kits

Blankets make an excellent accessory for your car. If you get stuck on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, you will need something to keep you warm. Blankets can also help you protect the fabric on your seats if you have a dog that travels with you or a child who likes to get mucky. If you cover your seats with blankets, you can wash the blankets much more easily than your car seats. Blankets or towels are a staple accessory for any vehicle. If the dirt permeates your blankets, you can count on a mobile car detailer to get your car looking new again without any inconvenience.

In addition to a blanket, it is also advisable to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Maintaining a stock of medical supplies and other basic equipment can make all the difference in times of emergencies.

So, take the time to consider what products and equipment you keep in your car. Separating the handy from the unnecessary will help you remain a safe driver and prepare for any eventualities.


Many of these items serve to increase your safety while driving, not just your convenience. You should consider investing in these products and accessories for emergencies to help you have a more pleasant driving experience. With all of these things handy in your car, you’ll be prepared for any situation that comes your way while you’re on the road.


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