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Paint Correction is the professional term for polishing/buffing and serves to remove a variety of paint defects from the surface of your vehicle, including: swirls, holograms, etching, random isolated deep scratches (RIDS), watermarks, stains, oxidation and more. Paint correction is a multi-stage process that consists of 3 main parts:


One of our key points of difference that sets us apart from our competitors is our preparation process. At Shoreline, we implement a thorough 4-stage decontamination process on your vehicle before they even begin polishing. This 4-stage process removes everything from ferrous metal particles to baked-on road grime, tar and surface residue to ensure that the polishing process is as effective as possible.


In the detailing world, the ability to perform flawless paint correction is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Shoreline are certified, skilled technicians, who work their magic on Rupes dual action polishing machines by utilising different combinations of Germanengineered, clustered abrasive polishes, a selection of foam polishing pads and supersoft microfibre paintwork cloths.

Paint correction is not a quick process and can take between 4-6 hours per stage, per vehicle.

It is however the only way to achieve world class results. Show car shine – every time.


All Shoreline Auto & Marine Paint Correction services include a CarPro Reload spray sealant application as the final step in the process. This spray sealant contains 5% liquified crystal quartz (SiO2) and provides approximately 3 months of water repellent, glossy paintwork.

For the car owner who wants a greater degree of protection and performance, we recommend Swissvax Concorso wax for that wet, show car shine or CQuartz Finest paint protection for the ultimate in long-lasting, “glass coating” protection.




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